About Us

Once upon a time, Raven and Shari found each other in middle school and discovered they shared two loves: food and fandoms. Many years later, a dream was born. Jay’s House is a Black-woman-owned independent bookstore that puts a focus on inclusive children's books (and pairs them with delicious desserts.) We are passionate about showcasing works by diverse authors and reinforcing positive representation in media. Books, food, and fun for the whole fam! 

We believe in the freedom to read. Our mission is to encourage reading in our community and among kids by bringing a fun new literary experience to South Florida! We currently host pop-ups and attend local markets, but a brick-and-mortar location is on the horizon!

Shop local! Supporting indie bookstores supports a community. According to the American Independent Business Alliance, 48% of each purchase made at a small independent retailer is recirculated locally, compared to 13% at chain stores. As your dollar moves through your community, the money generates more local wealth, charitable contributions, and jobs.

Join us in supporting PEN AmericaFoundation 451, and Literacy for Incarcerated Teens in helping them bring more books to kids across the country. Especially here in our very own state of Florida!

  • Founder Shari

    Shari, Founder and Co-owner, is an author, designer, illustrator, dog petter, cat wrangler, and taste tester.

  • Head Pastry Chef Raven

    Raven, Head Pastry Chef and Co-owner, is a baker, sticker collector, anime expert and cupcake aficionado.

The store was named for Jovaughn aka Jay, a loving brother and a massive nerd who would’ve once loved to hang out in a place like this.

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