This is the Sweet Life

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  • Bookies

    Delicious book-shaped cookies that come in a variety of flavors. Our most popular: peanut butter, chocolate chip and vanilla sugar!

    Contains nuts and butter.


  • Literary Classic Cake

    A sweet vanilla cake that's as classic as the stories we grew up with. Comes decorated with delectable frosting or unadorned so you can enjoy the sweet spongy goodness. Available as cupcake or slice.

    Dairy-free. Contains nuts and coconut.

    $2.99 - $3.50

  • Villain's Delight Créme Pie

    Rich and indulgent, this sweet créme pie is layered atop a flaky graham cracker pie crust. Choose between Vanilla or Banana. Or both!

    Nut-free. Contains dairy and coconut.


  • Big Homie's Banana Bread

    A Jay's House specialty, each one is made with ripe bananas, vanilla, nuts and a lot of love.

    Contains nuts, butter and coconut.


  • Hero Honey Cornbread

    Soft, moist cornbread drizzled with wildflower honey that is sure to melt in your mouth.

    Nut-free. Contains dairy.


  • Critical Hit Cookie Cake

    Soft, sweet, nutty, and airy, this peanut butter cookie cake is sure to knock you right out!

    Contains nuts and butter.


Shipping is not available. Baked goods are currently sold at in-person events only. Menu availability will vary.