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Drown Me with Dreams

Drown Me with Dreams

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In book two of this dark and seductive YA fantasy duology, perfect for fans of Fourth Wing and These Violent Delights, a siren assassin must decide between saving her kingdom and betraying the man she loves.

Wanted. Hunted. Banished.

Wanted: Now that everyone knows she's both a siren and an assassin, Saoirse is the most wanted fugitive in Keirdre.

Hunted: Framed for the old king's death, every powerful fae in the kingdom is calling for her execution.

Banished: To keep her safe, the newly crowned King Hayes asks her to cross the magical barrier that separates Keirdre from its enemies. There's only one problem: if she doesn't find a way to bring the barrier down, she can never come back.

As Hayes is forced to make compromises and Saoirse uncovers plots that threaten the entire kingdom, she's forced to question: Is Hayes the best future for Keirdre? And if not…. is she willing to turn against him?

432 Pages • Bloomsbury YA (2024)