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Kwame Crashes the Underworld

Kwame Crashes the Underworld

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The Tristan Strong series meets Guillermo del Toro's THE BOOK OF LIFE in Craig Kofi Farmer’s stunning middle grade fantasy about a boy hurled into the Ghanaian underworld to help his late grandmother save humanity.

Twelve-year-old Kwame Powell refuses to acknowledge any feelings about his grandmother’s passing. And he certainly doesn't want to accompany his parents to her celebration of life ceremony in Ghana, where he knows he'll have to face his feelings about her death head-on.

But when an aboatia – a mischievous monkey from Akan mythology – steals Kwame's grandmother’s dashiki, his last physical reminder of her, Kwame decides to take matters into his own hands. He chases the little thief across town, to the edge of the pier, and…into a magical whirlpool that leads straight to Asamando, the Ghanaian underworld.

With his best friend Autumn, and the crafty aboatia he names Woo, Kwame finds himself embroiled with angry nature gods intent on destroying humanity. And, matters only get more complicated when he runs into none other than his grandmother herself...except in the underworld, she’s still a kid. And very much alive.

Adventurous and memorable, Craig Kofi Farmer's middle grade fantasy is an immersive and powerful debut that tackles themes of identity, intergenerational connectedness, and how to say goodbye with heart, humor, and an epic dose of magic.

352 Pages • Roaring Brook Press (2024)